Simone is a Brazilian illustrator based in Munich, Germany.

She grew up in south Brazil surrounded with pencils, crayons, paints and in a family that always encouraged her creativity and imagination. Creating art is/was always a constant in her life.

After studying Architecture and City Planning and working on the field, Simone found her real passion in illustrating - specially Children's book illustration.


Simone works mainly digitally in Procreate, but also traditionally with watercolours, gouache and colour pencils. Her favourite themes are animals and backgrounds/architecture, playing with textures and with limited colour palettes.


Her goal is to illustrate the children's books like the ones she so much loved as a kid, to help create magical worlds and to fuel the little ones imagination. 

If you're interested in working with Simone, She'd love to hear about your project!

You can write her an e-mail at:  

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